Whats new in MediaCenter v1.0.6

We had been busy moving our servers and now we have moved our codebase to GitHub which will allow us to code and collaborate efficiently. Here is a list of enhancements/bug fixes available in v1.0.6.


  • Rich snippets for Breadcrumb.
  • Users can now choose whether to show or hide product titles in breadcrumbs. Hiding product titles in breadcrumb will prevent overflowing in breadcrumbs.
  • Improved WPML Compatibility.
  • Pluggable template functions – this means you will can easily override functions in functions.php in your child themes.
  • Filters for product titles – All product titles will now have filters which you can use to modify the output of the titles like trimming the length or adding external URL, etc.

Bug Fixes

  • Search Bar fix in IE
  • Broken animations on catalog mode
  • Visual bugs on 6-1 Products Grid
  • Fixes to RTL stylesheet
  • Missing style of shop messages
  • My account – change password fix.

Here is the changelog : http://transvelo.com/assets/media-center/changelog.txt Please upgrade to the latest versions and if you have any difficulties please let us know via our support email

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