MediaCenter v2.0.0

Today we are happy to announce the release of MediaCenter v2.0.0. It is a major release and in this post we’ll explain what changes we have done :


Earlier we had overwritten almost all the WooCommerce template files. This means that whenever there is an WooCommerce template update, we will have to update the theme again and make sure the latest updates do not break. In this version, we have removed all the template overrides and all template requirements are achieved used WooCommerce action hooks and filters.

What does this mean to the end-user : Going forward WooCommerce updates are going to be smoother and there will not be any outdated template files. This also means that lot of woocommerce plugins will be supported quite out of the box.

Moved from LESS to SASS

We have moved all our LESS code to SASS. This means the CSS will be compiled faster and will join the increasing SASS developers community. We have also implemented direction controller so that RTL version of the stylesheet is not just the override version instead a standalone version.

What does this mean to the end-user : A step for the future and easy code maintenance for our RTL users.

Removed Visual Composer Overrides

We had earlier overwritten 3 elements of Visual Composer which are vc_row, vc_accordion and vc_toggle. Now we have removed the overrides and have completely made use of Visual Composer’s inbuilt features.

What does this mean to the end user: You can now make use of full power of Visual Composer. This may cause some of the pages (like home pages and about pages) to be contained instead of stretching full width. In this case, you will have to click on the settings icon of the row and choose “Stretched”. Ref :

Load Text Domain Order

Now the theme loads the .po files in this order wp-content, child themes and in the themes folder.

What does this mean to the end user: Now the user can save all the translations to wp-content/languages folder instead of in mediacenter/languages. In this way the translations are not lost on update. Before updating to 2.0.0 make sure you backup your translations.

The above are some of the major changes. Under the hood we have made sure the code is more flexible and easy to update. If you face any difficulties during update, please do not hesitate to contact our support and we are happy to help.