How to safely update from MediaCenter v1.x to v2.x

Since we released v2.x, we have received requests from our customers on how to safely update MediaCenter. Here are general steps :

1. Backup your website and your DB

This is the first and the most important step before updating. This is irrespective of theme or plugin. Anything can happen during update and cause the website to crash. In that case we need to rollback, so it is important to backup your website and database. You can read more about backups here :

2. Move all your custom code and translations to a child theme

The best practice is to make all your custom changes to your child themes. This makes sure that your custom changes are preserved during updates. Here is a detailed guide using child themes to override parent theme’s functions.–cms-22623

3. Rename the wp-content/themes/mediacenter folder to wp-content/themes/mediacenter-old

Lot of our customers have simply uploaded the unzipped mediacenter folder into themes/mediacenter/ and checking on overwrite via FTP. This is so wrong because the latest version have remove lot of files which needs to be removed. Uploading to the same directory will not remove the files that need to be removed and it will cause lot of issues. You need to rename the folder and not upload files to the same folder by overwrite.

4. Upload the new theme either via WordPress Upload or FTP

To reiterate, you should never be uploading to an existing mediacenter folder via FTP. You should rename the folder and upload the new theme.

5. Upload the child theme

Always use child themes. It saves you lot of time.

6. Update your child theme with custom changes from step 2.

7. Check Custom CSS

Some CSS classes especially for product items have been renamed. So if you have had written custom CSS to product items, you may want to recheck it and update the custom CSS.

8. Update translations

Open your .po file. Use poEdit and click on update from pot file. You will find the latest pot file in mediacenter/languages/mediacenter.pot. Once you update strings from pot file, you can save them to wordpress’ language folder using mediacenter-en_EN.po style or to child theme’s languages folder.

The above are general steps to update the theme. If you are facing difficulties please do let us know via our support and we’ll help you out.