MediaCenter v2.0.0

Today we are happy to announce the release of MediaCenter v2.0.0. It is a major release and in this post we’ll explain what changes we have done : WooCommerce Earlier we had overwritten almost all the WooCommerce template files. This means that whenever there is an WooCommerce template update, we will have to update the… Continue reading MediaCenter v2.0.0

Whats new in MediaCenter v1.0.6

We had been busy moving our servers and now we have moved our codebase to GitHub which will allow us to code and collaborate efficiently. Here is a list of enhancements/bug fixes available in v1.0.6. Enhancements Rich snippets for Breadcrumb. Users can now choose whether to show or hide product titles in breadcrumbs. Hiding product… Continue reading Whats new in MediaCenter v1.0.6

What is new in MediaCenter v1.0.4

Hello there, This is a minor upgrade and it mainly concentrates on issues that were introduced on v1.0.3. ¬†Major Issues that were fixed are : 1.¬†Bugs in Checkout Process – Calculating shipping costs, updating cart had issues and they are fixed in this version. 2. Disabling Live Search – It didn’t work and now it… Continue reading What is new in MediaCenter v1.0.4